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The bulk bag, or FIBC, is usually made from polypropylene, polyethylene, or other polyester fiber. It is lightweight but provides high loadcapacity. Usually designed with lifting loops for movement by a forklift or crane, the bag can be easily handled. In addition, the dischargespout at the bottom makes emptying very convenient.There are many types of bulk bags on the market today, here we just introduce three main types:(1) The flexible freight bag is a tubular or square bulk bag that is constructed with PP or other plastic materials. It is mainly handled by acrane or forklift. The container is usually designed with a filling spout and discharge spout, so filling and emptying operations can be quicklycompleted. With high volume, light weight and high structural strength, the bag is widely used for storing and transporting bulk powdered,granular or lumpy materials, like chemical products, mineral products, agricultural products, cement, and other goods. The load capacity ofthe container generally ranges from 400 kg to 3000 kg.(2) The antistatic bulk bag can be used to store flammable, explosive powdered goods, and it can effectively avoid explosion accidentscaused by electrostatic ignition.(3) The anti-expansion bulk bag is mainly made from polypropylene resin. Baffles are usually used inside to keep the bag in a cubic shapeafter filling. This helps reduce storage space, and accordingly, the transportation cost. The fabric can be coated, or an inner bag can beadded. In addition, anti-UV agent is available to ensure product anti-aging property under direct sunlight. With light weight, good moistureresistance, corrosion resistance, and high durability, this type of bulk container is found in many industries to store and transport variouspowdered, granular and lumpy goods like cement, grains, minerals, etc.


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